Video Game Localization

We provide the highest standard of translation services for clients in the entertainment industry. We also cast voice actors for Japanese dubbing, offer recording services in our six in-house studios, and even provide LQA to ensure that all in-game content is both culturally relevant and appealing to your target audience.

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AboutG-angle Localization Services

We provide localization and culturization services for a wide range of languages including Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.
We promise high-quality voices and speedy delivery.

G-angle WORKS

There are many past projects that we cannot publicize due to customer request.

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We will find highly qualified translators who not only have relevant game and anime translation experience,
but also have the knowledge necessary to provide technically accurate, authentic translations in your field.
A project manager will oversee your game--quickly but thoroughly going over its contents--and will make sure that progress on the game's translation is going smoothly.


Rewrites and Adaptation

After checking the translation for errors, our translators will adjust the text to match the characters and setting of the work.
We can also provide adaptation services including lip sync adjustments as well as culturalization to ensure that all translations resonate with your target audience.

Voice Casting

Voice Casting

Our seasoned voice actor coordinators will provide you with optimal voice samples carefully selected from over 50 well-known voice acting agencies to fit your project’s story, characters, and tone.
We can introduce you to a wide range of voice actors from the house-hold names of the industry to up-and-coming actors and actresses.

Voice Recording

Voice Recording

We can handle all projects regardless of scope in one of our six in-house recording studios.
Our talented sound engineers are experienced in video game recording and will oversee every step of the recording process.
We even have a recording studio optimized for anime, where multiple actors can record simultaneously.


Quality Assurance (LQA)

One of our dedicated localization directors will perform a QA assessment of the in-game text/voice, ensuring that all translated content is consistent and free of localization bugs such as misplaced HTML tags or parenthesis.


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    All of our translators are highly experienced in video game localization and undergo rigorous translation tests. After the initial translation, a dedicated account manager will carefully review the script and make sure that all content is both technically perfect and culturally relevant.

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    In addition to text and voice localization, we also offer illustration, sound production, and animation services tailored to an East Asian audience, ensuring that your project reaches its target audience regardless of the medium.

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    Customer Service

    We operate on the "omotenashi" principle; the spirit of Japanese customer service and hospitality. Even after the project has been delivered, we are happy to provide free consultation services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

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