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G-angle will bring your creations to life.

We are a full-service production company providing
high-quality video game assets including artwork, music,
narration and video. We take pride in being one of the
premier digital production companies in Japan, having
managed thousands of projects with some of the biggest
names in the video gaming industry.

G-angle WORKS

There are many past projects that we cannot publicize due to customer request.

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Quality is our top priority.
G-angle is a full-service Japanese production company that localizes and creates high-quality content for consumers all around the world.

Concept Art, Illustrations

Concept Art・Illustrations

At G-angle, we have successfully collaborated with some of the biggest names in the video gaming industry, producing high quality artwork for both AAA developers and independent studios. We are equipped to provide artwork that is specifically tailored to meet your needs regardless of the style, scope, and content. more


VideoThe leader in domestic video production

G-angle offers a wide variety of video production services including for video game promos, commercials, as well as corporate presentations. We have creators with expertise in all mediums from live action video shooting to motion graphics, infographics and CGI, offering the highest standard of quality and speed at an affordable price. more

Sound Design, Game Music

Sound DesignThousands of world-class music production projects

Our in-house studios allow us to quickly produce any genre of music, including ringtones, video game music, sound effects, and even background music for TV and film. more
Narration, Voice-over

Narration & Voice-ActingRecord with the biggest names in Japanese voice acting

Our talent pool includes over 100 professional narrators specializing in over 20 languages. We facilitate hundreds of professional voice-over projects on a monthly basis. more

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