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We are a full-service video production company, with a global network that counts hundreds of valuable collaborators around the world.
We specialize in crafting outstanding promotional videos, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, and other creative projects.
Let us help bring your vision to life.

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Video Production Services

  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Remote Filming

  • Post-Production

Why Choose G-angle

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative creative concepts and effective production solutions.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between creators and clients, as well as between clients and their audiences.

  • Filming in Japan and Filming Locations

    If you are looking for a filming location in Japan, we would be delighted to share our expertise and guide you to the most visually stunning spots that are sure to impress your audience.

  • Remote Filming

    Our expertise in remote filming allows us to work on multiple projects simultaneously across different countries for the same client. With our skills in remote filming, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to delivering high-quality footage and exceptional results.

  • Cross-Cultural Collaborations

    G-angle is committed to forging regional connections that allow us to present compelling collaboration proposals. These proposals incorporate local brands and traditional arts to create exciting opportunities.

  • Global Network

    With our team of experts in negotiation, intercultural communication, and video production projects spanning over 30 countries, we maintain constant contact with creators worldwide. This vast experience enables us to deliver exceptional content that resonates with global audiences.

  • Multilingual Staff

    Our multilingual producers will make sure that any of your request is conveyed without delay and in a correct way.

Other Services

  • 3DCG

  • Cel animation

  • Music composition, scoring

  • Sound design

  • Voice talent casting, bookings & recording

  • Drone filming

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