Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
We’ve compiled a list of questions that we frequently receive.

Questions About Production Work

Questions regarding illustrations

  • : What is the general workflow like? Open or Close
    After receiving detailed information about your illustration project such as the preferred size, style, etc, we will provide you with a quote and sample illustrations. Production will only begin after we’ve received the go sign from you. Samples will be provided at each step (rough sketches, line drawings, coloring), and adjustments will be made according to requests.
  • What about copyrights? Open or Close
    The copyrights will be transferred to the client.

Questions About Voice Recordings

Questions About Music Production

Questions About Video Production

  • : What is the production workflow? Open or Close
    After hearing your request, we will formulate a plan and a storyboard together with some suggestions. This will then be followed by the actual production process that includes filming, graphics production, editing, BGM recording, narration recording, etc, to complete the video.
  • : WTo what extent can changes be made? Open or Close
    Changes are generally limited within the month of the project as directors and staff members are reassigned each month.Projects that carry over into the following month will require consultation, but there is no set limit to the amount of adjustments that can be made.
  • : I would like to cancel my order, but is there a cancellation fee? Open or Close
    50% of the total amount will be charged for all cancellations made from 3 to 6 days before the scheduled recording date, and 100% will be charged for cancellations made between 2 days prior to the recording date and the day of the recording.

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