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At G-angle, we have successfully collaborated
with some of the biggest names in the video gaming industry,
producing high quality artwork for both AAA developers and independent studios.
We are equipped to provide artwork that is specifically tailored
to meet your needs regardless of the style, scope, and content.

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Type of Illustration

Why Choose G-angle

We can easily tailor our top-notch illustrations to accommodate any and all client requests.

Whether you need multiple illustrations on a tight budget,
want to keep up with the hottest Japanese trends,
or even need concept art to add to your portfolio, G-angle has got you covered! Why G-angle
Game Illustrations

Game Illustrations

G-angle provides a wide range of illustration styles, from basic illustrations to highly stylized original characters. We specialize in all types of color theory and can implement color grading techniques used by professional anime studios. In addition to character design, we can also produce in-game materials including weapons, items, backgrounds, user interfaces (UI) and banners. Whether it's fantasy, sci-fi, or anything in between, we can provide high quality designs to bring creations of all genres to life.
Avatar Design

Avatar Design

Our services are highly flexible, providing options ranging from original avatar creation to additional content production. Our talented team of designers are highly specialized in avatar creation and will oversee and ensure the highest design quality possible. We also provide thumbnail creation, recoloring, and animation services.
IP Illustrations

IP Illustrations

We can draw new illustrations of existing characters from various IP sources, provide anime image tracing, and even produce stylized miniature versions of existing characters for in-game use.


We provide high quality CG design options for a wide variety of media, from still images to full-length productions. Our talented design team is eager and ready to provide you with the highest quality of 3D art on the market.


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Illustration Portfolio

Please contact us directly for an extensive portfolio including projects not included on our website.

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