Anime Art・Illustration

Anime Art・Illustration

At G-angle we have produced illustrations and anime art for numerous popular games
and have experience in working over 180 companies.
We provide illustrations that are tailored to each clients' needs.
Do you have a difficult project that other companies have said no to?
Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the project with you.

Type of Illustration

Why G-angle

We do not only illustrate well but also tailor to each clients' needs.
For example,
"You need a lot of illustrations but have a limited budget."
"You need to catch up with the most popular trend in Japan."
"You want to add more to your past work."

We can solve these problems for you! Why G-angle
Game illustration

Game illustration

Choose from a variation of styles from realistic to deformed. We also handle impasto style and anime style coloring. In addition to character design, we also handle the production of in-game materials including weapons, items, backgrounds, UI and banners. Whether the style you are going for is fantasy, sci-fi, pop, or cool, we will provide designs that match your ideals.
Avatar Design & Material Design for microworld-style

Avatar Design & Material Design for microworld-style

From the creation of a new avatar to the addition of content to an existing design, we are very flexible, providing a wide range of solutions. Designers specializing in avatar creation will supervise the design and quality. We also provide thumbnail creation, recoloring, and animation options.


We will draw new poses for existing characters, provide tracings of anime material, super deformed or animated mini-characters for in-game use.


We can propose the best option from a still image, its design, to a long video production.With our design skills, you'll get the perfect 3D art that achieve what you just have imagined.


Our Works


In addition to what is posted on our website, we have a comprehensive portfolio of our work that we can show you.
Please contact us for more information.

Characterillustration001 Characterillustration002 Characterillustration003 Characterillustration004 SummerIllustration SummerIllustration HalloweenIllustration XmasIllustration Characterillustration005 Characterillustration006 Characterillustration007 Characterillustration008

How it Works

  • 1.Meetings through Skype and Other Media, Email Discussions Open or Close
    1.Meetings through Skype and Other Media, Email Discussions

    We will discuss budgets, terms of delivery, images, samples, usage purposes, production sizes,
    and other aspects with our customers to come to a mutual understanding regarding the completed image.
    If the colors and styles of the illustrations have not been decided, our company can also provide suggestions.
    Before anything, please feel free to reach out to us.

  • 2.Rough Estimate, Contract Conclusion, Payment Open or Close
    2.Rough Estimate, Contract Conclusion, Payment

    Once the completed image has been clarified, we will provide an estimate based on images and instructions.
    In this instance, our company will also prepare an English contract template for overseas trade. As we will send an order form template if there are no issues with the estimate, we ask that you please enter the mandatory items and return the order form.
    Once we receive the order form, our company will send the order receipt and invoice. Once we have confirmed payment, we will begin production through the desired creators.
    *Staff members who are native speakers of English and Chinese will take charge of translation and production progression.

  • 3.Trial Open or Close

    If you plan to order the production of many illustrations for games,we will first provide a trial.
    The purpose of this is for you to confirm the quality of our company's productions and
    for our company to verify that our production workload is appropriate for the amount of the estimate.
    For this reason, the trial will mainly involve characters that are presumed to be implemented. Therefore,
    the pricing is generally the same as for actual production.

  • 4.Production Open or Close

    We will make illustrations based on the production instructions sheet and our discussion.
    You will be asked to check each step starting with the rough draft, the line drawing, and finally the coloring process.

  • 5.Revisions Open or Close

    We will provide revisions until you are fully satisfied,
    as long as the content does not differ drastically from the content initially ordered.

  • 6.Delivery Open or Close

    We will deliver the products in the formats specified initially.
    Please take note that additional costs will be incurred if a requests such as converting
    the product format from Photoshop to Illustrator format after the order is fixed.

Contact us

G-Angle is here to provide you with more information,
answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs.