As professional video creators, we provide a large number of options
to achieve what you want in digital media, using live action, 3DCG, and cel animation.
You can choose and combine those
to make promotion videos, TV/web commercials,
corporate videos, how-to videos, opening videos for game apps or events etc.

What types of videos do we offer?

Why G-angle

Since we are a full-service production company, we have everything you need to create videos within our comapny. Having our own video-making tools in our company also enables us to provide the highest quality content possible to our clients.
We offer everything you need to create videos.

We offer everything you need to create videos.

We have mastered the art of production of digital content in Japan.
Only G-angle, a full-service production company, can offer a such high quality content.
  • Voice recording

    Voice recording

  • Sound effects BGM production

    Sound effects
    BGM production

  • IlIustration


  • 3DCG production

    3DCG production

How it Works

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