In addition to what is posted on our website, we have a comprehensive portfolio of our work that we can show you.
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Character design-001 Character design-002 Character design-003 Character design-004 Character design-005 Character design-006 Character design-007 Character design-008 Character design-009 Character design-010 Character design-011 Character design-012 Character design-013 Character design-014 Character design-015
IllustrationDesign in Summer-1 IllustrationDesign in Summer-2 IllustrationDesign in Halloween IllustrationDesign in  Xmas
SD Character design-01 SD Character design-02 SD Character design-03 SD Character design-04 SD Character design-05 SD Character design-06 SD Character design-07
Monster design-01 Monster design-02 Monster design-03 Monster design-04
Background design-01 Background design-02 Background design-03 Background design-04
Iem design-01 Iem design-02 Iem design-03 Iem design-04
SD design-01 SD design-02 SD design-03 SD design-04 SD design-05 SD design-06 SD design-07 SD design-08

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